three days before the last presentation of my second year almost all of my outcomes shattered on the floor: tea pots, bowls, vessels, cups. i felt like a part of me, an organ, died. the sound of the ceramics hitting the floor, the looks and my own screaming are unforgettable. it took me a long time to process it but there was three main epiphanies. the first, the knowledge was all in my hands. maybe the structure of the vessels and tea pots were perfect in my eyes, but i made it and i can make it again. the knowledge stays with me. the second, was that when the breakage accord, it turned it from design to art. as a students we run after the wholeness but sometimes we forget about the meanings. i understood that before the incident it was whole and meaningless, and after is was broken and full of meaning. the third is that for me it was “whole” only when it was broken.
stoneware and earthenware
various size between 10-20 cm
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